Ideas with tissue paper articles – Image gallery online!


Important information for our customers:

Our plant holidays are geared to the Bavarian school holidays. Please order in time!

From now on you can get extensively inspired from our large image gallery, which you can find here.



To all creative friends of tinkering!

Benefit from the multifunctional features of tissue paper articles.


Do you have good ideas? – Are you creative?

They are all-round applicable and can be combined with lots of different materials like cloth, paper, wood, felt, paperboard, wire and countless other materials. Gluing, sticking, beading, painting, varnishing, deforming is possible. Our articles are non-toxic and non-polluting like paper and have similar characteristics.

Attention: Dangerous for babies because small articles could be swallowed (Danger of suffocation).


Do you enjoy working with forms and colours? And you don’t want to spend all your money on artwork materials?

So how can you get tissue paper articles?

Our minimum purchase for shipping is 150,-€.

Too much? 



· Of course you can buy tissue paper articles by retail.

· Our industrial selling takes place:


Every Tuesday 8 – 16 o’clock in Waltenhofen near Kempten (Allgäu) after prior consultation.


Attention: The bavarian school holidays are in force.


Please apply for bigger quantities of exotic articles.