What to do with tissue paper articles?

Various shapes in varied colours serve as bodies, heads, noses… 

As handicraft set or selfmade, christmasbells, eastereggs or fruit, in any case a decorative upvaluation of bouquets, wreaths, christmastrees

At hobby or professional modeling  tissue paper articles often serve as trees, columns, towers, objects in white, grey, green…

Popular ammunition for blowgun or party pistols that does not hurt. First of all, it is non-polluting which means recyclable, comparable with paper. The balls decompose fast if they get wet.

This light material can even be used as costume jewellery in various, often gracile forms. Usually lacquered e.g. as ear jewelery, necklaces, brooches, hat attire …


Coloured talismans decorate tortes, cookies and sweats at festive matters.

Tissue paper articles are absolutely safe, because they consist of a material which is similar to paper and their surface is glued with non-toxic gluten. The therefore used cellulose wadding is blanched with oxygen (not with chlorine!)

As for babies it should be considered that these articles will not be swallowed (Danger of suffocation!)

Advertisement with tissue paper articles:

“Give-away”- articles printed with your slogan or coloured articles  for shop window decoration are eminently cheap in big quantities!


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